Training Week

For our new program “Transition” , which will be shown on the Philippines in October, we had an intensive training week from 20th to 24th august 2012. One week is not very much time to practice 30 pieces of eurythmy therefore we were very, very busy and used every minute we had. In the end we may say, that we have done a lot of work, which was accompanied with high motivation and a good atmosphere. We spent approximately 10 to 14 hours per day on our program. But our energy was never down
The formation of this group with these people exists since half a year. Some were part of the group already before, the rest made the group complete in April. from this time it was possible to do a program.
Now we want to give you a little impression from this week:
The weather was for our circumstances really hot, we did sweat a lot… one could say that this gave us a little taste of how it will be on the Philippines. When it was too hot, we run in the garden and took a “Garteschluch” (garden hose) shower!
In the beginning some of us knew each other just a little bit, but during this week we all got closer and grow together like a family!
We learned so much from each other, shared our strength and weaknesses, our ideas, our fantasies, our input, our food, our bed… and thanks Tanja and the eurythmy she taught us, we had the possibility to discover more about our personalities. Everybody had the chance to bring something personal into the group, so the colourful program, which we will show, formed. We were always there for each other, helped one another, whenever help was needed…

“Last day of our intensive week… After breakfast I went trough the rain, yes, after the heat it is finally raining, to the eurythmy room. Under the eurythmy room, in the kitchen Alexander is working on our web-side, making photos, interviewed us w about our work…just working a lot like always. But now he has to come up, because we want to start with the training.
After the warming up, that woke my whole body up (even my little toe), we are ready for passing trough “Transition”. That means to all of us, to check all the costumes and to get an overview of the course. After the continuous sample I am tired but very surprised how good it was! A little break and than we must practice more! Practice eight more pieces, which were selected for a little performance we will have tomorrow! Meanwhile it is already dark outside. I must say the time is really running away and I am a bit hungry… Now it is 9:30 p.m. We all are very happy with our work but also very tired. Although we look like we would need some sleep, we decide going trough “Transition” once more! Quickly we get all the things ready, eat in a hurry a piece of bread and than we start all over again. I feel a heavy tiredness somewhere inside me, but also a very strong concentration! The whole performance is going extremely well and that makes me happy! 11:30 p.m. we are finished and overjoyed!! Wow!!! We have done it!! And now we have to clean the room and tidy up our mess we have made during the last week… I wish us good luck and also good luck for our little performance tomorrow!

To have the chance to do creative work, which is connected with supporting each other, sharing joy, solidarity, sympathy… that is the nicest thing in the world!