Impressions of the Tour

Two performances in one day

It is the morning of the 12th October. We are brought to a function Hall in Davao by a car. We enter and our first impression is: A hall without windows, a stage and lots of chairs. The light gives the hall a numb atmosphere. There are people, who are preparing the stage, the lights… We bring all our stuff to the changing room (there the air is really thick) and start to prepare ourselves: Ironing, while having a technical rehearsal, then we have a little snack and finally get ready for the performance. We put on our make-up. It’s 3 p.m. and the hall is now shining in a better atmosphere. Our audience are mostly students. Joy gives an introduction and then the show begins! The students are fantastic! They follow our program with a great interest and attention. Every number goes fluidly and is super good. The last number before the break is A.E.I.O.U Part of that number is going into the crowd, showing the people the AEIOU. At this time it’s really funny because as we go back on stage lots of children join us and finish that piece with us.
The second part starts and it flows, the show is almost coming to an end and it is as if time stood still. The last thing we do on stage is the HALEKUIA together with the audience. It is great how the children follow us with the movements. After the show we have to give autographs and everybody wants to take a photo with us (we feel like stars). We only have one hour break between performance, where we can eat and refresh ourselves a little and get ready again. A new crowd enters the hall and the second performance of the day starts. At the beginning, there aren’t many people, but during the first part the hall gets filled up. It’s not the as the afternoon Performance, but it goes very well and is supersupergood! Backstage we are having fun, singing, dancing and laughing (maybe we all are getting a bit tired now). And then this performance comes also to an end. Now we have only one more to manage. That is a bit sad, because now we have reached a point where we have a routine and everything just flows.


The Governor of North Cotabato

When we performed our show in Makilala in front of almost 3000 people, the sister of the North Cotabato’s Governor was watching the performance. She was very impressed by the Hallelujah we did with the whole audience at the end of the show, and told her sister about it. The next day the Governor herself invited us to her office and told us about how she got sick by all the lies and the influences of people who are trying to put her down. Also, by the prison and the hospital which are close to her working room. She asked us to do the Hallelujah in her office to banish away the bad spirits and negative energies. We did the Hallelujah with her sitting in the middle of our circle and afterwards, we taught her and the office employees how to do it on their own. She intended to do the Hallelujah every Monday of the week with everyone in the office. While we were eating the snack she prepared for us, Tanja gave her a Eurythmy massage. This visit was very touching for all of us. Later on in the evening, she came to our performance and told the audience the good news she received after we had been in her office: Her security force had finally caught a wanted kidnapper and the victims were now safely back with their family. Our latest information was that she had a meeting with18 mayors and she did the Hallelujah for, and with them.

It was wonderful to experience how Eurythmy can be brought to different people and to see how they could face it with openness and belief, and be moved to DO something with it.


3000 people (the stadium in Makilala)

On the 9th of October, our group had the ultimate chance to experience something unique. The mayor of Makilala invited us to show our program, “Transitions” in his town. The show was for free for all people residing there as well as other nearby towns.
The stage on which we would show the program was a huge hall that doubled as the basketball stadium of the town! The whole stadium was rather dirty, dusty, and damp. Notwithstanding that, they made the stage clean and nice for us. And with the light, we felt comfortable. We entered the small entrance and were stunned at the enormity of the stadium. We start to prepare ourselves: Ironing in a dirty room, technical rehearsal and finally get ready. One hour before the performance starts, we had to take out some pieces to shorten the program. Then there was a downpour of rain that caused the performance to begin a half an hour late. All of us got a bit nervous as we heard the sound of many voices– a friendly murmuring. And then the show begins. We go out on stage and are in front of about 3000 people. It doesn’t become quiet. There is a constant murmur throughout the entire show. The atmosphere is like in a stadium! Although the audiences are never in a concentrated silence, we still feel they are interested. 3000 people are a lot and most of the audience were not used to seeing a program like ours. The most incredible thing is, the majority didn’t know what Euryhmy was. It is really a touching experience to have the chance to show Eurythmy there to so many people. After the applause, we did the HALELLUIAH together with the audience. What a feeling, what an experience! All of us are totally happy, satisfied and proud about this performance.


Philippine Monsoon

We are underneath a big pavillion (open house) listening to hundreds of thousands raindrops clapping on the floor. It has been raining for hours. Surprisingly, for us, it’s still hot. When we move around in this humid heat, we sweat like pigs and are happy to take a quick raindance and feel all those little drops on our faces.
Doing eurythmy here under this roof is a lot different than what we are used to at home. The rain, heat and humidity, plus all the different kinds of sounds; our senses are active in every possible way. Sometimes we can barely understand each other because the rain is so loud.
On the first day we took in all those new impressions. But now when we need a break from all our effort, there are fresh fruit waiting to be eaten and perfectly blue pool to be jumped in. After a quick snack or refreshment we rehearse what needs to be improved.
Our days go by so quickly. One minute it’s bright day light and the other the sun has already set.
Our hosts welcomed us in their families with all their hearts and we are well cared for.
With our senses fulfilled, we fall asleep with the sound of the Philippine monsoon.