How Our Program, “Transitions” Developed to What It is Today

Our teacher, Tanja Baumgartner, has been working with different Eurythmy Youth Ensembles for many years. Aside from all the things she does, she takes the time to pass her knowledge on to us, youngsters.
She shows us how to do Eurythmy in a different way than how we have learned it in school. With a lot of practicing, we learn to merge body and soul and focus on moving letters and tone, so it has an effect. Sometimes, the Eurythmy we do with her is very different from the traditional Eurythmy. It is one of the reasons why we spell the word ‘Eurythmy’ differently, and call it: “ Öirütmie”. We show the basic elements of Eurythmy in different ways and combine it with other movement types like Pantomime, Acrobatics and Tango. As we show transitions in these different movements styles and Eurythmy, we aptly felt to name our program, “transitions”.
The group of today was formed in April 2012. Students from a Steiner School and other friends were asked if we would do, “Öirütmie” with Tanja and begin a new project with a goal of presenting the aforesaid program as a Eurythmy Tour in the Philippines.
Tanja teaches Eurythmy in the Philippines twice a year. As her friends and students there chided her gently to bring her Youth Ensemble across the world, she took up the offer and placed an enormous effort to making it a reality for us all.
The lives of young people often change, especially when school is over and other things start going on. So, the number of participants in the group have also changed through time. It was a year ago when only three students built the bridge from the group as it was then, to what it is, today. Our ensemble has taken over some parts of the program from our forerunner but we have also put in new ideas and new acts. For half a year, we would practice only on occasion, but as the project came more within grasp, we worked days in a row, every day, all day long. The group has become close and partners have become friends. Tanja and Regina (who has been on many stages before as an actor) are giving much of themselves for our development. We are grateful for that. We are thrilled to come to the Philippines to show you what we’ve been working on.